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In Control Of My Own Sunday

In Control Of My Own Sunday

It’s been awhile since I last touched Control – long enough that I decided to start over again from the beginning. It gives me an excuse to make a proper config for my gaming keyboard, and to appreciate the 4K experience!

Dressing for the job.

I even decided to follow instructions on the PCGamingWiki to get the Playstation DLC via a hex editor. The instructions were pretty straight forward. I might check out some of the retexture mods at the Modders Nexus next time I decide to play. It could help add a little flair to my Photo Mode barrage. 😛


I re-obtained the Floppy of Telekinesis before calling it a night. I think I’m fully refreshed on how to play again, and I even left notes for my future self to make sure I don’t get lost a second time. It’s one of the unfortunate side effects of traveling in between game universes, sometimes you forget a few things.

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